Thrunite Ti3, a small flashlight full of qualities.

For my new test, I wanted to introduce the Thrunite Ti3, a flashlight I’ve had for some time. Small and powerful, it does not lack assets but according to my selection criterias, it has a flaw: Discover which one.


The Ti3 is made of aluminum and is really solid in the palm of your hand. It comes in a very interesting little metal box for anyone who loves to use this type of box for their EDC equipments. Very good point!


It measures only 72 mm long and 14 mm in diameter for 25.5 g (battery included) on the scale.

Thrunite Ti3

It requires an AAA battery, it is waterproof IPX8 and the front glass is made of glass. In short, that’s good!

Thrunite Ti3

In addition, the Thrunite Ti3 comes with a removable metal clip that you can install in two directions to hang on the edge of a pocket or the visor of a cap as a headlamp.

Thrunite Ti3



There is also a carabiner and a chain. The carabiner should hold in time but I would not say the same thing of the chain because even if it offers a certain flexibility in the movements of the lamp, its links could open and separate the lamp form the carabiner.

Thrunite Ti3


The ignition is quite simple on this type of lamp, screw the head and it turns on. To switch from one power to another, unscrew the head to turn off the lamp and screw it again to turn it on again within two seconds: It will switch to the next power and so on.

Powers range from the weakest to the strongest. This saves you from being dazzled.

At first ignition, the lamp delivers 0.04 lumens. It sounds anecdotal like that but it’s more than enough to read in the dark and for an autonomy of 115 hours to this power, you have a lot to read. The second power is 12 lumens for 6h20 of autonomy and finally 120 lumens for 30 minutes of autonomy at the last power.

The emitted light is rather yellow like lamps with incandescent bulbs. In the image below, you will see the difference with the Nitecore T2S (on the left) which have a white light. it seems that there is a version of the Ti3 with a white light called “Cool White”.

Thrunite Ti3

Finally the lamp has a strobe mode to 120 lumens which you can access by switching from one mode to another six times in a row. Basically, weak – medium – strong – weak – medium – strong – strobe. The strobe is a rather fast flashing of the lamp; 13hz according to the manual.

The lamp also has a memory mode: You turn it off and on again within 10s, it will turn on the last power used. On the other hand, the memory does not work with the strobe mode. The lamp returns to the lowest power if you turn it off and on again.


If you have read my article: the 10 essential qualities of a flashlight for your keyring, you have probably noticed the defect on the previous photographies.

For me, the flaw of this lamp is the way that allows to hang on your keyring or elsewhere. The problem does not come from the carabiner, nor the chain which accompanies it but rather from the small ring of key-ring connected to the lamp. That would not have been a problem in itself if the hole of the lamp through which this ring passes was not so tiny. Indeed, if you remove this small ring, the hole of the lamp does not allow to pass a ring of key-ring bigger and more robust.

Thrunite Ti3

In my article, I specify that this type of small rings can eventually deform in your pocket and one day fully open when you pull your keychain out of your pocket. In addition, the finesse of these small rings, that with pressure, can get caught in the fibers of your pants and twist even more or stay stuck.

By cons in case your keyring is in a handbag, the problem is much less because the pressures are much lower or nonexistent.


As for most waterproof lamps where it is necessary to actuate the head of the lamp, the ignition is not very easy due to the seals. On the other hand because of its length and its rough surface, the use with one hand will be easier than with a smaller lamp and / or more smooth one.

When the lamp lights at 0.04 lumens, if you are not in the dim light, it will be difficult to know if the lamp is on. You will find yourself looking to the led to see if it is on the way. Nothing really serious.


Like the majority of lamps that operate by rotating the head, after turning off the flashlight, it can be turn back on during a pressure on the glass. If this is the case, it must be unscrewed a little more to avoid this problem.


Thrunite Ti3 is really a very good flashlight. Small, powerful, robust, waterproof, she has almost everything for it. Its only flaw: the obligation to use a small ring of keyrings to attach to your keys.

If Thrunite Ti3 pleases you, you will find it below as well as the table of the pros and cons concerning it:


  • Size: 72×14 mm.
  • Lightweight: 25.5g (With the battery).
  • Strong power: 120 lumens.
  • Three power levels: 0.04, 12 and 120 lumens.
  • A strobe mode.
  • Waterproof: IPX8.
  • Works with an AAA battery.
  • Reverse polarity protection of the battery.
  • Shock resistant.
  • The front glass is made of glass.
  • Delivered with a replacement gasket, a metal clip, a carabiner and a chain.
  • The lighting of the lamp during a pressure on the glass if the head is not unscrewed enough.

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