Astrolux A01, a small lamp that hides its game well.

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While surfing a little on the internet, I came across the Astrolux A01. I quickly get it to test it and I’m not disappointed.


The Astrolux A01 is made of aluminum and seem very solid.
It measures only 72 mm long and 16 mm in diameter for a weight of 27.8 g (battery included).

Astrolux A01

It requires an AAA battery, it is waterproof IPX8 and the front glass is made of glass. Perfect !

Astrolux A01

The lamp comes in a simplistic cardboard box with a spare seal gasket and a small key ring that I will not use. See why in my article: the 10 essential qualities of a flashlight for your keyring.


The ignition is quite simple, screw the head and it turns on. To go from one power to another, unscrew the head to turn off the lamp and turn it on again to turn it on again within two seconds: It will switch to the next power and so on.
Powers range from the weakest to the strongest. This saves you from being dazzled.
At first ignition, the lamp delivers 0.14 lumens. This is enough for reading in the dark. Its autonomy is 100h at this power. The second power is 17 lumens for 7h10 of autonomy and finally 120 lumens for 30 minutes of autonomy at the last power.

The emitted light is white but a little greenish.

Finally the lamp has a strobe mode to 120 lumens which you can access by switching from one mode to another six times in a row. Basically, weak – medium – strong – weak – medium – strong – strobe.
The strobe is a rather fast flashing of the lamp; 13hz according to the manual.

The lamp also has, it seems, a memory mode: You turn it off and on again within 10 seconds, it will turn on the last power used but I haven’t successfully make it operate.


The hole of the Astrolux A01 intended to attach to a keychain is wide enough to fit a large ring. For me it’s royal!

Astrolux A01

For reasons I have already mentioned in my previous articles, the fact of using a large and robust key ring ring, ensures that the lamp will always be attached to your keychain. You can, safely, grab your keychain by the lamp to take it out of your pocket.

Astrolux A01


For most waterproof lamps where the head of the lamp must be actuated, the ignition is not very easy due to the seals but in the case of the Astrolux A01, the ignition can not be easier .
Moreover, because of its length and its rough surface, one-handed use will be easier than with a smaller and / or smoother lamp.


Like the majority of lamps that operate by rotating the head, after turning off the lamp, it can be re-ignited during a pressure on the glass. If this is the case, it must be unscrewed a little more to avoid this problem.


The Astrolux A01 is really a very good lamp. Small, powerful, robust, waterproof, a nice look, it only has qualities. I did not know this brand and I am pleasantly surprised by its quality.

If you like the Astrolux A01, click on the button below to buy it:


  • Small Size : 72×16 mm.
  • Light weight : 27,8g (Battery included).
  • Strong Power : 120 lumens.
  • 3 power levels (Battery life): 0,14 lm (100h), 7 lm (7h10) and 120 lm (30 min).
  • A Strobe Mode.
  • Waterproof : IPX8.
  • Reverse polarity protection of the battery.
  • Shock resistance at 2 meters height.
  • Front Glass made of Glass
  • Supplied with a replacement seal gasket ring and a small key ring.
  • Available in several colors: black, blue, red, pink, green, orange and gray.
  • The lighting of the lamp during a pressure on the glass if the head is not unscrewed enough.

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