The Jet-U from Jetbeam, a lamp that looks good.

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I found this lamp on the internet. Not knowing this brand, I decided to test it. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised but it still has a small flaw.


The Jet-U is made of aluminum and looks very strong.
It measures only 71 mm long and 14 mm in diameter for a weight of 25.8 g (battery included).


It requires an AAA battery and is waterproof IPX8. Nothing to say !


The Jet-U has a metal clip to hang on the edge of a pocket. By cons, it is not reversible therefore impossible to use to hang the lamp to a cap visor for example.


The lamp comes in a simplistic blister with a spare gasket and a good quality wrist strap.



Its only flaw is that the front window is made of plastic. In addition, it is flush with the edges of the lamp. On MecArmy X4S the glass is also plastic but the fact that it is set back, protects it a bit from scratches.
In the picture below next to the Astolux A01 whose window is recessed but also made of glass.



The lamp has three lighting powers. The ignition is quite simple, screw the head and it turns on. To switch from one power to another: unscrew the head to turn off the lamp and turn it on again into one second: It will switch to the next power and so on.

The lamp also has a memory mode: It will turn on at the last power used and even if it remains a moment without its battery. Be careful not to be dazzled when you turn it back on.

At the first power level, the lamp delivers 1.5 lumens. It’s more than enough to read in the dark. Its autonomy is 35 hours to this power. The second power is 25 lumens for 4h20 of autonomy and finally 135 lumens for 48 min of autonomy at the last power. It’s frankly not bad at all!

The light emitted shoots a little towards the green / yellow. In the image below, you will see the difference with the Nitecore T2S (left) which at a white light. Nothing really serious.



Finally, the lamp does not have a strobe mode.


The Jet-U hole for attaching to a key ring is large enough to fit a sturdy ring, but some of them may not slide freely. This makes the lamp stay in the area where the ring is not duplicated (blue circle on the picture).

For reasons I have already mentioned in my previous articles, the fact of using a large and robust key ring, ensures that the lamp will always be attached to your keychain. You can, safely, grab your keychain by the lamp to take it out of your pocket.


For most waterproof lamps where it is necessary to actuate the head of the lamp, the switching on is not very easy due to the seals but in the case of Jet-U, you will force a little.
Moreover, because of its length and its rough surface, one-handed use will be easier than with a smaller and / or smoother lamp.


Like the majority of lamps that operate by rotating the head, after turning off the lamp, it can be re-switch on during a pressure on the glass. If this is the case, it must be unscrewed a little more to avoid this problem.


The Jetbeam Jet-U is really a very good lamp. Small, powerful, robust, waterproof, a nice look, it has many qualities. If it had a glass windows, it will be perfect.

If you like the Jet-U, click on the button below :


  • Small Size : : 72×14 mm.
  • Light Weight : 25,8g (Pile comprise).
  • Strong Power : 135 lumens.
  • Three power levels (Autonomy): 1,5 lm (35h), 25 lm (4h20) et 135 lm (48 min).
  • Waterproof : IPX8.
  • Protection for batterie inversion.
  • Shock resistant to 1 meter high.
  • Delivered with a replacement seal and a strap.
  • The front glass is made of plastic.
  • The lighting of the lamp during a pressure on the glass if the head is not unscrewed enough.

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